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During this difficult time for us all, GIPA is still here for our families and our teachers. While we face some very real financial challenges, we remain committed to our core mission to provide financial support to the German language program and to promote academic excellence in German language education.

When it was founded over 35 years ago, the German language program in Miami-Dade County became the model for public school language programs across the country. We hope to continue to be a guiding light during these challenging times.

That’s why your 2022-23 GIPA membership at the highest level you’re comfortable with will help to ensure your child can continue to receive an outstanding German education this year from our highly trained, native-speaking teachers.

Thank you for your incredible support. We can’t do this without you!


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  • Letter documenting your tax-deductible contribution

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  • Letter documenting your tax-deductible contribution
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  • Recognition in the GIPA Book & on the website
  • Recognition in the GIPA Book & on the website
  • Recognition in the GIPA Book, on the website, and at special events
  • Alumni membership is for former GIPA students ONLY and can NOT be applied to current GIPA students.



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This list reflects GIPA families whose memberships were processed prior to October 1, 2022. We do our very best to ensure that this information is up-to-date.  However, if you believe your name was included or omitted in error, please send an email to and we’ll look into it right away.


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Acker Altuve Cloppert Higuera Schoen


Alava Alvarez Cortijo Kabierschke Schopoff


Bergamo Banegas Crawford Khan Schreiber
Keasler Crusius Beckmann Da Fonseca Kravitz Schubert
Lang  Diamond Bellezze Davidson-Schmich Leao Sonntag
Lenz-Fornoni Dominguez-Araya  Bermudez De Jesus Lehnen Tornillo-Vargas
Lythgoe Gruber Biedermann De Sordi Litwinski  Trepka
Mazzilli  Hall  Blanc Druck Lomenso Von Fedak
Metzker  Holy  Bohtlingk Eberhagen Mahlstedt Warren
  Imas  Bonse-Geuking Elazab Martins Zepeda
  Moll  Breslin Fischer Maul  
  Oster Bruder Frias Meyer  
  Petersen Bussert Furtwaengler Morales  
  Sarantopoulos Byerlee  Garcia Palmason-Chacon  
  Schwander  Carceller  Gomez  Perera   


Carlson  Green  Porschke   


Chung Grewe Schechter  


Clark Guzman-Iff Schlichting