A distinct advantage of the German International Studies (IS) program is that IS students enjoy priority articulation from elementary school to the middle and high school IS programs. However, to ensure that students meet the minimum requirements for each school, Miami-Dade County requires all currently enrolled German IS students to submit an application to the next school through the regular Magnet Schools application process.






  • German International Studies (IS) students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements to remain in the IS program will enjoy priority articulation from Sunset to GW Carver Middle, and from GW Carver Middle to Coral Reef Senior High School.
  • If you would like your child to continue in the German IS program (e.g. go from 5th grade at Sunset to 6th grade at GW Carver Middle, or from 8th grade at GW Carver to 9th grade at Coral Reef Senior High), you must still submit a magnet application through the normal Magnet Schools application process.  This indicates to the school district that you intend to continue with the German IS program and enables them to ensure that your child meets the minimum requirements of the next level of the program (e.g. minimum GPA and conduct scores).
  • When you fill out the application for GW Carver Middle, be sure to select German International Studies (IS). Do not select International Education (IE).  The IE program is for students who are just beginning to learn German in 6th grade.  You will be asked to select an interview/test date.  However, your child does not need to interview or take a test again.  This is a formality of the magnet application system. Just pick an interview date and submit your application.  MDCPS will see that your child is coming from Sunset/Carver Middle and will eventually delete the test date (you will receive an email notification from GW Carver when they do that).


Submit a Magnet Application


Good To Know

  • The Magnet Schools application period runs from October 1st through January 15th. 
  • Admissions decisions are announced on March 15th.
  • Applications must be submitted through the Miami-Dade County School District Magnet Application website.
  • School tours should be arranged through the main office of each school. GIPA does not arrange or give tours.