German International Parent Association | Miami-Dade County, FL

This school year, GIPA was pleased to welcome Ms. Steffi Klose to the German program at Coral Reef Senior High School.  Ms. Klose joins Ms. Veronica Valdes, head of the German Department at CRHS.  GIPA’s Coral Reef VP, Stephan Eberhagen, had an opportunity to sit down with Ms. Klose in mid-August as she was preparing for the arrival of the students.

Stephan Eberhagen (SE): Welcome to Miami! How are you feeling after the first few days at Coral Reef?  Have you settled in a bit?
Steffi Klose (SK): I think it will take some time until I get used to things, but so far it has gone amazingly well.

SE: Tell us a little about yourself.
SK: My roots are in the western part of Germany, in the Rhineland. I worked as a German teacher in Dusseldorf for many years, and I also passed an exam to become a professional Dyslexia therapist. Personally, I have 2 adult children, I love to travel, and I love sports, especially running and Pilates.

SE: Dusseldorf? That is a stronghold of the German Carnival!  So are you a real “Jeck” [a German nickname for people who love Carnival]?
SE:  (Laughs) I hope that besides the German language I can teach some of the German culture as well. We will see where it leads us.

SE:  Do you already know which classes you will teach?
SK:  Currently, my focus is on the 9th and 10th grades. Of course, I will work closely with Ms. Valdes. We’re making plans for the German program at Coral Reef.

SE:  And have you also made some plans for Miami?
SK:  (Laughs) I love salsa. So I hope for some practice opportunities!

SE:  We hope so, too, and wish you all the best in the German program at Coral Reef!