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GIPA provides a newsletter to its members, the German parent community, and to anyone else who is interested in the GIPA activities. The newsletter is called "GIPA News" and is available here in PDF format. In addition to the newsletter, other posts about past GIPA events are archived here as well.

2014-2015 School Year


GIPA has several board positions that are or soon will be open. Our greatest and most immediate need is for at least 1 qualified treasurer who can assume the role that soon will be vacated by Tanja Moennichmeyer. Read More from GIPA President Ballard...

Teaching News at Sunset

Frau Horak's retirement and plans for the immediate and long-term future for her replacement in the program. Read More ...

A Letter from GIPA President Ballard

I wanted to take a moment to thank and congratulate all of you who helped to put on our 23rd annual Oktoberfest. We could hardly have asked for more perfect conditions as everything from the food to the games and student performances were consumed in great quantity. Read More ....

German Consul Borsch Visited Sunset Elementary

German Consul Borsch visited Sunset Elementary to talk to 4th and 5th grade students about the fall of the Berlin Wall. Read More...

Antolin Reading Winners for 1st Grading Period

Sprachdiplom Ceremony

On September 10, 2014, Coral Reef students were awarded certificates for their performance on last year's DSD 1 exams. Congratulations to all our recipients and thanks so much to all who attended, particularly the Consul General, Juergen Borsch, our German Language Advisor, Petra Reuter, our new teacher - Mr Steffen Rapp, and the new IB Coordinator at Reef - Kelli Wise.

Thanks as always to Daniela Kuczurba for her outstanding leadership and organization at Reef to make the ceremony aesthetically appealing and appetizing as always - and to Jacqueline Duester for lending a hand of support as always! Read More...

Teacher Appreciation Dinner

GIPA held a dinner, Monday September 8, to celebrate the start of anew school year and to thank the German language teachers, the board, the consulate and the german language advisor for their hard work and dedication. The board would also like to thank our hosts, Sports Grill Miami, for a wonderful event. Read More...

Welcome New 1st Graders

WELCOME The new 1st Graders at Sunset and West Lab!

About 60 new students have entered our German program at both schools combined for the 2014/15 school year.

Each year, GIPA and the second-grade families host a welcome picnic for the incoming first grade families. This year, the picnic was at the Dante Fascell Park on Aug 16. Some pictures posted here, and more available on Dropbox. Thanks to the second-grade families and welcome to the first-grade families!!! Read More....

Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of summer and the annual rituals of fun, sun & travel that make it such a memorable part of the year. But alas, what feels like just moments after we sent a series of graduating classes off to new platforms of higher education at every level, we are ready to usher in another bright eyed group of first time students as part of the welcoming traditions of Fall. Read More from Ted Ballard, the GIPA President

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