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Magnet Schools

Dear Visitor,

if you are interested to apply for your child or children for the German language program, you need to contact the offices or international offices of one of the schools hosting a German-language magnet program.

We from GIPA will support you in the application process. Please understand, however, that we cannot decide if your child will be approved to the school and the program. For support, please see the GIPA Board contact information. To access the websites of the schools and to apply for the Magnet program, please click on the below mentioned links of the individual schools. Thank you for your interest in learning German!

Sunset Elementary School (Grade 1-5)


Link to Sunset Elementary official webpage

The German International Studies (IS) Program was established at Sunset Elementary in 1987, with a startup class of 18 students.  Since then it has grown to house a student body of some 150 children in grades one through five.  It is the first such German program offered by a public school system in the United States to date.

The overall goal of an IS magnet program is to provide intensive instruction in a foreign language while promoting academic excellence in all subjects with a special focus on global awareness. At Sunset, the IS program is also offered in French and Spanish, in addition to German.

Sunset’s German IS program provides two-and-a-half hours of immersion language instruction in German daily, which is taught by native German speakers.  As a result, students in the program have an extended school day, which runs from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  Half of the German instruction time is used to teach German language arts skills such as grammar and vocabulary, while the other half -- referred to as "German Content" --  expands upon these skills through the teaching of literature, science, social studies, history, geography and music in German.  No English is spoken during the German portion of the day.

The curriculum guidelines used for the German IS program at Sunset are from the state of North Rhine-Westfalia in Germany, which also meet all of the objectives and requirements set forth by the Miami-Dade County Public Schools system.  The German government annually sends a language consultant to review the program and administer standardized German language proficiency tests to students in the middle and high school levels.  In addition, the German government provides textbooks, workbooks, and financial support toward a German teacher.

In fifth grade, the elementary program culminates with a two-week visit to Germany, where the children stay with German host families and attend a German school.

Sunset Elementary’s German IS program feeds into the German IS program at G.W. Carver Middle, which in turn feeds into the German International Baccalaureate/International Studies program at Coral Reef Senior High.

Henry S. West Laboratory School (Grade 1-5)


Link to West Lab's official webpage

New in the 2013-2014 school year: German International Studies Program at Henry S. West Laboratory School. The German International Studies (IS) Program started its first year at West Lab in the fall of 2013, with one first grade class in the program. West Lab, the University of Miami's laboratory school, is a small elementary school with a student body of approximately 300, enrolled in Kindergarten through 5th grade. The school expects to add a new German IS first grade of 18 students each year, until the program is taught from 1st through 5th grade.

West Lab's German curriculum is modeled after Sunset's program. Like Sunset, West Lab’s German IS program provides two-and-a-half hours of immersion language instruction in German daily, which is taught by native German speakers. Currently, first grade students do not have an extended day. (The schedule is 8:25 AM – 3:05 PM) It is not yet known if this will change in the higher grades.

Application to enter the German first grade is by lottery (test required) through the Miami Dade County Magnet Schools program. Please note that entrance in West Lab's Kindergarten program does NOT give a student priority placement for the following year's first grade German program. Subsequent grades (2nd and up) can be applied to by waiting list. All applicants will be required to pass an entrance exam. The deadline for both first grade lottery and second grade waiting list applications is January 15. West Lab strongly encourages parents to come to the school to apply.

For West Lab contact information, please visit the Henry S. West Laboratory School website at

G.W. Carver Middle School (Grade 6-8)


Link to G.W. Carver Middle School official webpage

Coral Reef Senior High School (Grade 9-12)


Link to Coral Reef Senior High School official webpage

If you click on Visitors, you will find information regarding the magnet program and the IB program. For the pre-requisites, click on the large orange square that says Magnet School Appplication. Please note:Although the German IS students in Carver have direct articulation into Coral Reef Senior High School, they still need to go through the normal application process for Magnet Schools to apply for Coral Reef and meet the acceptance requirements. GIPA is collecting some additional information about the application process to try to help parents, but the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date information will come directly from the Coral Reef official webpage.