German International Parent Association | Miami-Dade County, FL

GIPA Media Release

From time to time during the school year, the German International Parent Association (GIPA) takes photographs and/or videos of students and parents at each of its German program schools and at various GIPA events.

To help us foster a strong sense of community among our members, and to promote the German language to prospective sponsors and interested families, GIPA may use these photographs and/or videos on its website, social media accounts, presentations, and in various print and/or online publications and marketing materials, including the annual GIPA memory book (The GIPA Book).

We ask that you please provide your consent to allow GIPA to use photographs and/or videos of you and/or your chil(ren) for this purpose. Your consent gives us approval to publicize photographs and/or videos without the need to obtain additional written approval from you, and it will remain in effect until revoked by you in writing.  There is no monetary compensation to you for the use of these photographs and/or videos.

Thank you for helping us to showcase what an outstanding program and community we have!

For questions, please email

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