German International Parent Association | Miami-Dade County, FL

German teacher Herr Oliver Gorf will be dramatizing some Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales for adults to enjoy at “a dark happy hour of unhappy endings and grotesquerie”!   (Please note that this is not a GIPA organized or sponsored event, but GIPA parents are invited.)


A Note of Introduction From Herr Gorf


Dear GIPA parents,

Are you interested in German culture, but not necessarily always with your children?  Well, here is the answer to your prayers.

I — a German teacher at Carver and a parent of a West Lab student — have selected, dramatized and directed a collection of rather unknown tales by the Grimm Brothers, or Gebrueder Grimm.  In collaboration with top notch Miami actors, we want to bring them to life on the theater stage (in English).  This one-of-a-kind, post-Halloween shocker is named…


A dark happy hour of unhappy endings and grotesquerie.

It is for adults only, since these tales are definitely not Disney material, but rather a vicious look at life in medieval Germany as well as the layers of the human condition. Comedy and tragedy are close.  So, mark your calendars:

When: November 14 @ 9:13pm
Where: Artistic Vibes (near The Falls Mall)

This is a project by tenderenda theater, my new theater label.  For more information, please see the graphic below and/or the tenderenda theater Facebook event page.

I would be very thrilled to meet you all there!

Danke und bis bald!
Oliver Grimm, I mean Gorf