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GIPA Mailing List Troubleshooting

Before you contact GIPA for help, please verify three things:

1.  Confirm your subscription. Our email marketing service, Mailchimp, requires a two-step verification process for new mailing list sign-ups. If you subscribed to the GIPA mailing list but have not yet confirmed your subscription, you will need to confirm it:

  • Check your inbox for an email from GIPA Communications on the day you signed up for the list, subject line “GIPA Communications: Please Confirm Subscription”
  • In the email, click on the button labeled “Yes, subscribe me to the list.”
  • If you confirmed your subscription and you’re still not receiving GIPA emails, proceed to step #2.

2.  Check your spam or junk mail folder. It’s possible that GIPA emails are being filtered out by your email provider and marked as junk mail. If they are, proceed to step #3.

3.  Add to your email program’s address book.  This tells your email provider that messages from GIPA should not be considered junk mail and should be delivered to your inbox.

If the above steps do not solve the problem…

It’s possible that you were previously subscribed to the GIPA mailing list but you unsubscribed at some point, either intentionally or by accident.  In that case, attempting to sign up again on our website will not work.  Mailchimp (our email marketing service), requires us to use another method to add you back to the list.

Please email and explain that you’re not receiving emails and need to be sent a unique Mailchimp sign-up form.  Our website administrators will send you a link to a sign-up form that you should fill out and submit.  After you submit it, check your inbox for the subscription confirmation email and click the button “Yes, subscribe me to the list.”


Not receiving emails? Visit our troubleshooting page.



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