German International Parent Association | Miami-Dade County, FL

Dear GIPA friends!

This year’s GIPA Gala literally rocked as moms and dads went back to the late 80’s (or pre-kid-era for most) and dug out styles, outfits, and dance moves – some of them not seen in 25 years! Many of the 150 guests were in tune with the theme and times, when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, and enjoyed an evening of delicious food, fun, dancing and friendship at the Cutler Cay Clubhouse. Just as the fall of the Berlin Wall is a symbol of bringing down barriers, this event united many attendees who might have formerly not known each other or just distantly from the carpool lane. We followed the motto written on the Wall by our High School students: “Make Peace not Walls.” The décor – including Berlin wall replicas, Rubik’s cubes and even records would have made Tina Turner sing out loud “Simply the Best!”

The silent auction featured many classroom baskets made with lots of thoughtfulness, several of them had creative themes such as “Shades of Grey”, “Spring Cleaning”, “Golf for her and him” and more. Donations for the silent auction and raffle ranged from a stay in a Chateau in France to a Champagne Brunch at the Biltmore, as well as a Posh Porsche Weekend, premier tickets for the HEAT, and autographed books by Coral Reef parent and Pulitzer Prize winner Dave Barry! We truly appreciate all the donations and soliciting for these items – they help us provide classroom materials and support for the education of our children!

We were honored with the presence of many teachers from our four schools (Sunset, WestLab, Carver and Coral Reef), the principals from Sunset, Dr. Leyte-Vidal, and Carver, Mrs. Stroleny, as well as members from the schoolboard and the German Consulate.

Take a look at the pictures taken by our parent-paparazzi and FlashPopPhotos. Some photos are available on the GIPA Facebook page. Others are available by clicking on the photos below. (Click on the photos to get to the respective websites where the photos are stored):

Click the photo to go to flashpop, then Click View/purchase photos > view/purchase photos (again) > Events > GIPA> enter password 03072015 and email.

Click the photo to go to Gisele Widmer’s collection on Google.

Click the photo to go to Peter Duester’s site, use the password “GIPA” to see his pictures.

Many thanks to those attending and to those helping out to make this event “TOTALLY AWESOME!”

Steffi Kordy
Gala Chair.