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From Left to Right: German Consul General Andreas Siegel, GIPA President Milli Metzker, GIPA Co-VP Sunset Heidi Gruber, GIPA Co-VP Sunset Aline Khan, GIPA parent Stephan Schürer, Sunset German Department Head Gabriele Riedel, GIPA parent Gunnar Águila-Röhr. (Photo by Sarah Wrede.)

By Sarah Wrede
GIPA Website Manager & News Editor

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War that had separated East and West  both physically and idealogically came to an end.

In recognition of this historic event that reverberated around the world thirty years ago, on Friday, November 8, 2019, German Consul General Andreas Siegel visited Sunset Elementary School to discuss the fall of the Wall with Sunset’s fourth and fifth grade German students.  GIPA parents Stephan Schürer and Gunnar Águila-Röhr joined Consul General Siegel to share with the students their experiences living in Germany during the fall of the Wall and answer the students’ very interesting questions.  Several of the fifth grade German students also gave brief presentations that highlighted the different experiences and perspectives of those who lived in Germany on both sides of the Wall both before and after it fell.

GIPA would like to extend a big “Vielen Dank!” to Consul General Siegel for his great generosity in making the time to talk with the students, to Mr. Schürer and Mr. Águila-Röhr for sharing their experiences, to GIPA’s Co-VPs of Sunset Heidi Gruber and Aline Khan for setting the scene for the audience with colorful artwork and flags, and to Sunset’s German Department Head Gabriele Riedel for organizing this very informative event for the students.

If you would like to learn more about the Berlin Wall and the events that led to its fall, here are some helpful resources:



(Sarah Wrede)