German International Parent Association | Miami-Dade County, FL

A group of sixth grade students enjoy the lunch.

This year’s German-American Luncheon was held at GW Carver Middle School on Thursday, October 18, 2018.  This much-anticipated annual tradition is an opportunity for teachers, students and parents to come together to celebrate German-American friendship and the uniting of two cultures while enjoying a delicious traditional German lunch.

In coordination with GIPA’s GW Carver VP Catherine Duque, our dedicated GIPA parent volunteers did everything from decorate, to check in guests, to serve food and clean up at the end of the event.  Thank you for making it a very fun afternoon for everyone!

And please enjoy these photos from the day, courtesy of GIPA’s Social Media Coordinator Diana Moll.

From left: GIPA Treasurer Monica Sarmiento, GIPA Co-Treasurer Dagmar Moral, GW Carver German Dept. Head Frau Gabriele Kieren-Moghani, and GW Carver Principal Shelley Stroleny.