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Milli Metzker


Milli was born in Mexico and has lived in other countries such as India, Brazil, The Netherlands, and Germany. She moved with her husband and twin daughters from Cologne, Germany to Miami in 2010.

Milli looked for a way to allow her daughters to retain their German culture. This is when she came across GIPA and the German International Studies program at Sunset Elementary into which she enrolled her daughters three years ago.

Milli received a BA in International Business Administration which encouraged her to take over a family owned business and run it for several years. Milli also worked in the marketing department of Augen Optics in Mexico and for Messe Duesseldorf in Germany.

Milli likes to volunteer for GIPA and other school activities, but in her free time you will find her cooking or reading books, which are her two passions.

Job Description:  President
The President of GIPA is one of three Executive Board positions within the organization, along with the Communications Manager and the Treasurer.   The President is responsible for setting the vision for the organization, for organizing regular board meetings and for serving as the primary point of contact for all official business for GIPA. The president should establish working and professional relationships with MDCPS District officials, the principals at each member institution, the German Consulate, and the German Language Advisor. The president should supply leadership and direction for the other board members, and working with them should establish clear priorities for the organization yearly.  Where possible, the president should be present at school and public events to represent GIPA. The president should have a firm handle on the financial state of the organization and a good understanding of how the various components of the organization work and flow together – from membership to website and public communication to finances, the president should be able to understand and provide guidance to board members in each area.   The president should work closely with each school VP and operate together with them to support the particular initiatives and unique needs of each member school. In the interest of providing continuity, the president should expect to serve for a term of no less than three years.


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