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Heidi Gruber

Communications Manager
Co-VP Sunset Elementary School

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Heidi was born in New York, grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Miami 15 years ago. Her husband is a Miami native and together they have two daughters enrolled in the German program at Sunset Elementary.
Heidi graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Occupational Therapy. She worked as an occupational therapist for 14 years before deciding to dedicate her time entirely to her family and volunteerism.
Heidi was on the board and chaired various events at Plymouth Preschool where her daughters attended preschool. She served on the executive board of Beaux Arts of the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami and co-chaired their “HandsOn!” community outreach program for two years. She continues to involve herself as a parent volunteer at Sunset Elementary.

Job Description: Communications Manager

GIPA Communications Manager is one of three Executive Board positions within the organization, besides the President and the Treasurer. As the title states, the Communications Manager is responsible for all communications within the Board and with the Board members at large. The scope of work within the Board involves the planning of monthly Board meetings, General membership meetings or any other special meetings that may be necessary from time to time, including any notifications, agendas and minutes related to these meetings. Communications with the membership at large should include overseeing and proof-reading of announcements to any events and activities to be broadcast to all members, as well as the channeling of events and news to the membership through newsletters, social media and other distribution avenues. In addition, the Communications Manager will also respond to any inquiries from any current or new families potentially interested in the German program at any of our schools, and should be able to provide ample information related to these. Ideally, this position should be held by someone with great organizational skills as well as a good understanding of the English language to be able to write and proof-read announcements and articles to be published and broadcast. The person holding this position should also be available to attend all Board meetings, General membership meetings as well as any special meetings, to ensure continuity in the maintenance of records related to the notices, agendas and minutes of these meetings. The Communications Manager also oversees the general activities of the newsletter, website and GIPA Book operations to provide quality control and guidance where needed.

Job Description:  VP Sunset Elementary School

The VP for Sunset is one of the most involved positions on the Board based solely on the number of parents and students who are involved in that program.  Like all GIPA school VPs, the position serves as the primary liaison between the organization and the school and the first point of contact for all issues relating to our programs at Sunset.  In addition to coordinating with the school on any number of fundraising and culturally based events, the VP works closely with the room parents at each grade level to ensure continuity of information throughout the various stages at Sunset.   The VP organizes the all-important First Grade picnic as well as coordinating classroom and parent participation in things such as the Oktoberfest, Deutsch-Land Global, Advent Kalendar, Lantern Festival, Nikolaus Stockings, and of course the annual GIPA Gala. The VP is also involved in the International Book Fair and with the year-round coordination of the GIPA library team at Sunset. Like all VPs, the position at Sunset is responsible for informing the board of activities at the school and for providing timely updates to both the website and newsletter editors about the happenings at the school.


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