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Daniela Kuczurba

VP Coral Reef High School

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Daniela has devoted her time and talents to GIPA since her children first joined the German program in 2004.   She first served as a room parent at Sunset Elementary, then later was GIPA’s Membership Coordinator from 2007 – 2012, and in 2012 became GIPA’s VP at Coral Reef High School, a position that she holds today.

Daniela’s contributions to GIPA extend beyond her official Board position.  She regularly helps to plan and organize events like Oktoberfest, the annual GIPA Gala, and Family Fun Day.  Additionally, she assists with the production of the annual GIPA Book, and every Christmas season she assembles beautiful Adventkranz (Advent Wreaths) that adorn the dining tables in many of our families’ homes.

Daniela grew up in Rheinhessen, Germany where she earned her Abitur.  After serving in an apprenticeship for Bank-kauffrau she went on to earn her SK-Diplombetriebswirt at the SK Academy.   She worked in a wealth management department at a German savings institute until she and her husband, Dirk, moved to Miami in 2001.

Daniela and Dirk have two children in the German program, one a GIPA scholarship recipient who currently attends Florida State University, and another who is currently a student at Coral Reef High School.   In addition to her work with GIPA, Daniela volunteers her time as a member of the German American Social Club and has served on the Church Council for the German Ministry for over 14 years.

Job Description: VP Coral Reef High School

The VP for Coral Reef High School is the primary liaison between the organization and the school and the first point of contact for all issues relating to our programs at Coral Reef.   The VP is involved with members of the administration and the program teachers in organizing various events at the school including helping organize the various honor society and diploma ceremonies that take place several times each year at the high school.   This includes helping to organize the efforts for the annual field trip for Carver students to Reef. The VP also is responsible for working with parents to keep them active in the program both from a membership and general involvement standpoint. The VP works closely with the IB coordinator at Reef to organize testing dates with the German Language Advisor for DSD exams and helps to collect data from the school on the performance of our students on the various exams that involve German instruction (AP, IB, DSD).   The VP works closely with the teacher and the German Language Advisor to meet the instructional needs of the program at Reef, including maintenance of the library and any needs for additional materials and resources. Like all VP – the position at Reef is responsible for informing the board of activities at the school and for providing timely updates to both the website and newsletter editors about the happenings at the school.


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