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Catherine van den Bossche-Duque

Volunteer Coordinator

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Catherine was born in Switzerland, grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and has been living in Miami for six years.  She works both as a Realtor and in her family business selling technical equipment for the entertainment industry in Latin America.

Catherine graduated with a degree in Marketing and Advertising from Venezuela. From 1995 to 2002, she worked in well known advertising agencies in Caracas: ARS/DB&B in marketing research, and Low Concept and Fisher Grey as an account executive.

For nine years between 2002 and 2011, Catherine co-owned the event production company “Producciones Apeyron” with her husband, Luis.  They produced a variety of events, including corporate events, product launches, marketing events, promotions, conventions, thematic branding parties, concerts, massive events, platform branding themes, conceptualization.  The couple also owned a rental lighting company “VLPS-Venezuela Lighting Production Services” and a BTL Advertising Agency “Brandstore Publicidad”.

In 2011, Catherine and her family moved to Miami and opened Wholestage, a company that sells technical equipment (lighting fixtures, trusses, rigging, video, sound) for the entertainment industry throughout Latin America, specifically to event production companies, TV stations, theaters, and other venues.

Catherine has two daughters, Andrea and Sofia, who began the German program at Sunset Elementary in 2011.  Both girls are now in the German IS program at GW Carver Middle School.  Catherine joined the GIPA Board in 2011 and enjoys helping with the organization’s fundraising events.

Job Description: VP GW Carver Middle School

As the VP liaison for Carver, the primary responsibility is to represent GIPA to the school administration, who interact with you directly.  You’ll also keep GIPA informed and involved in any/all school events and updates. The role works closely with the other international school parent associations (IPA), including SIPA (Spanish), FIPA (French), and IIPA (Italian); this includes being involved in their events and inviting them to GIPA events so that the children can learn about the customs and cultures of the specific countries.  One needs to be in constant contact with the current German teachers at Carver. The position will work with their school schedule and agenda items.  Additionally, the VP coordinates volunteers for any of the GIPA school held functions and assists with classroom projects. The VP will also chaperone any class field trips, if needed.

Job Description: Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator works with all members of the board to identify and coordinate volunteers for each of GIPA’s activities, such as Oktoberfest, the Gala, the GIPA Book, Advent calendar sales, etc.

The volunteer coordinator maintains a detailed list of both past and recently registered volunteers, including which activities they have helped with in the past and which activities they may like to help with in the future.  Volunteers can indicate their willingness to help when they first join GIPA or renew their membership, as well as at GIPA’s general meetings.  For specific events, the volunteer coordinator sends a sign-up email to all GIPA members in the database, with specific tasks that are required depending upon the activity.

Job Description: Gala Chair

The GIPA Gala Chair is in charge of all the arrangements for GIPA’s 2nd biggest annual fundraiser after the Oktoberfest.  The Gala is a more festive and formal adults-only event that takes place in the spring.

The Gala planning starts with selecting a theme and creating an invitation, usually around November/December. It continues with selecting a venue, a caterer, the menu, entertainment and the décor. It also entails sending out the invitations and reminders and tracking the RSVPs. Typically, there are teams in charge of the décor and the silent auction. The latter is an important part of the Gala because this is where we raise funds for our programs; it takes a lot of dedicated people to collect donations and prep them for the silent auction.  It’s important to have a good team lending their talents and time as in the end all components have to come together for the big event!


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