German International Parent Association | Miami-Dade County, FL

Coral Reef 9th grade IE students happily display their “lucky charms” and letters from the GIPA Board before taking their DSD 1 examination.

Congratulations to our Coral Reef Senior High School 9th grade IE students!  100% of the students passed their Deutsches Sprachdiplom 1 (DSD 1) oral examination with top marks!   (GIPA’s IS students take the DSD 1 exam in 7th grade, and the IE students take the DSD 1 exam in 9th grade.)  The written examination component is currently being graded in Germany.

After the DSD 1 exam, German teacher Dr. Veronica Valdes and GIPA Coral Reef VP Stephan Eberhagen provided a pizza party for the students to celebrate.