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GW Carver German Department Chair Frau Gabriele Kieren-Moghani (left) and German language advisor for the Southeast region Ms. Nicolette Gahleitner (right) ask questions of a GW Carver seventh grade IS student (center) during the DSD 1 examination in March.


In March and April of this year, all twenty-nine 7th grade German IS students at GW Carver Middle School took the German Sprachdiplom (DSD1) examination. The DSD exam is composed of a written examination (which has three parts) and an oral examination.  Each student prepares a personalized topic in advance, then has fifteen minutes to present their topic and answer questions.

The process of getting the students ready for the DSD exam consumes a large part of the 7th grade German curriculum and includes help from native German-speaking parent volunteers.

We are pleased to report that all students passed the oral examination with either top or excellent marks!  The results of the written examination are currently being graded in Germany and will be shared when they become available.

Congratulations to all of our students, and many thanks for the help and support of the German community! 

The German Language Department at G.W. Carver Middle School

Gabriele Kieren-Moghani Ed.D., Department Chair

Oliver Gorf

Rosmarie Dissler